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The world’s first commercial abalone ranch.

OGA’s story began with a young man, his curiosity and the wild ocean…

Brad Adams grew up in the remote town of Augusta in the very south west of Western Australia where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean.

Brad and his family have a long association with aquaculture and the fishing industry. He’s a 3rd generation fisherman whose father founded the commercial wild abalone diving industry in Flinders Bay in the 1960s.

Brad’s enquiring mind lead him down an aquaculture route, and after completing his studies in Tasmania, he returned home to start the development of a new technique of growing abalone.

After to close to 20 years researching, developing and inventing a new technology, OGA’s sea ranching technique was born and the ‘ABITAT’ was developed.

Grown and ‘hand-plucked’ from a natural, safe and sustainable habitat.
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